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The Full Stop Celebrant Eleanor Willock at Rockaway Park Somerset

I’m Eleanor Willock, I live in Somerset, with a husband, two children, Labrador, and a lot of books. I’m an independent celebrant.

I became a celebrant so that I can help people get the joy they deserve out of the stages of life we all go through. Marriages, vow renewals, naming days and family unity ceremonies that gather people together to celebrate you are my thing!

The Full Stop Celebrant name is because I love literature and the spoken (or sung) word in all forms. As my life has progressed I’ve become more and more comfortable with myself. I’m also more passionate about equality, freedom of choice and compassion for others.

My sense of humour is rarely concealed. You can laugh with me or at me, as long as you laugh, I’m happy. The chances are you might hear me, probably laughing, before you see me. I ask questions. I’m chatty. I love jokes and stories.  

You’re probably best off trusting the words of one of my closest friends regarding who I am. Otherwise, I might descend into telling you how much I would like to live in Westeros, or how sometimes I like to re-read Jilly Cooper novels or draw bad things on other people’s notepads. So here’s Francesca:

“Ultimately, you’re able to be all things to all people. You possess a huge breadth and depth of knowledge, have a great sense of humour and are a popular culture maestro, which means you can find common ground with anybody, at any level.

You could be thrown into any situation and you would swim. Empathetic, analytical, creative, loyal, lateral thinker and endless curiosity. You ask a lot of questions, which makes people know you are interested. You use all your knowledge to respond in a thoughtful or relevant matter, whatever the subject.”

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