Choosing an independent wedding celebrant to preside over your ceremony is a strong statement. It signifies your intent to do things your way, and do it with a beautiful splash. I would consider it an honour if you chose me, and I take your trust seriously.

I’m the right celebrant for you if your ideal wedding ceremony is one that is naturally flowing, beautifully-worded and emotional. With me, your ceremony will be personalised, warm and one of the day’s biggest highlights. I offer alternative, multi-belief, personalised, inclusive wedding ceremonies. Your chosen location. No limits. Lots of fun.

We’ll meet several times before your wedding to plan, and get to know each other. You can tell me how you want this ceremony to represent you and your relationship, and I can give you some ideas and inspiration for how we can do that.

You can tell me what you’re imagining, and I can make it happen. I’ll find the words if you’re unsure, by helping with your vows, readings, poetry or music choices – or you can tell me what you’d like to see and hear, and I’ll create a ceremony that blends everything perfectly for you. I’ll make you smile and take the nerves away from the ceremony. I’ll help you re-focus on each other when the planning is a lot. We’ll refine the ceremony script together and rehearse if you’d like to.

Most importantly, you can rely on me as an independent wedding celebrant to make this part of your day go smoothly and be genuinely special. Let’s give your guests (even if there’s only two of them) what they came to see. They’ll remember how your ceremony captured your love for each other, and how glad they were to be there.

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