How to find a wedding celebrant

A good wedding celebrant shouldn’t be hard to find – I know there’s plenty of choice! But I know you need to know how to find YOUR perfect wedding celebrant. Here’s a guide to how to find a wedding celebrant, and where to look for a wedding celebrant.

I’m assuming for this post that you know what a celebrant is and what our function is. If you don’t, read about the differences between a celebrant and a registrar here.

Definitely use these:

Google ‘celebrants in my area’, or, ‘Celebrants in Somerset’. Honestly, this is the best way to begin, but should never be the end of your search. Look at our websites, look the price ranges for celebrants this way, but then move on and explore us in a variety of other mediums.

Instagram should be your next stop. We are all on Instagram. You’ll get to see what we’re really like, what we sound like and what kind of sense of humour we have. You also might see our work, pictures of the weddings we’ve delivered, for example. Follow us. My personal rule is that I don’t follow potential couples back unless we’ve spoken, because I’m not interested in stalking your life or selling to you hard. You can always unfollow us if you find us annoying later! We’re also all expert hashtag users, so things like #celebrantwedding and #weddingcelebrant or #somersetcelebrant are worth checking out.

Wedding directories are really useful for how to find a celebrant. I’m a member of quite a few. We pay to be members, and most of us don’t renew with the ones that don’t bring us any work because they are expensive. If you’re LGBTQ+ or wanting a guaranteed inclusive wedding, I recommend the Rebel Love Directory. Hitched is obviously a big go-to, and works for me. A great reason to use directories is that you’ll find discounts. I have a bunch on my listings, so check them out if you’re thinking of working with me. All my listings are on the bottom of my home page, with links.

Ask your venue to recommend you a wedding celebrant. Many have us on their trusted suppliers list. Venues just want you to have a really beautiful, personal day, they don’t have an agenda when it comes to whether you use a registrar or a celebrant. Some venues I’m working at in 2024 include Priston Mill, The Orchard at Munsley, and North Cadbury Court. Frankly I’d be over the moon to work with you there if you’re also considering them.


Bark is becoming an increasingly popular way to find a wedding celebrant. I have mixed feelings about my Bark work. I have had some brilliant bookings from Bark. But I have been ghosted more times than a clairvoyant convention on there too. Why, other than me not being their thing on first sight? Not sure, but my first guess is that Bark is high on the SEO rankings for ‘find a celebrant’ and ‘celebrants near me’, so couples send out a request and then realise they can star their own search. I also get the impression that some users haven’t started planning their wedding before they send out their Bark. Now – something to consider if you are using Bark, it costs around a fiver for us to respond to each request. And, few celebrants can afford to spend on each lead, so will focus on the leads with dates and venues locked in.

Facebook is still clinging on, although its demographic means it’s not the first place I’d look for anything anymore. It is, however, FULL of wedding groups for you to join and listen to other people shouting at each other about weddings and what worked for them. It’s good for non-biased actual recommendations as well, from real people not the businesses themselves. Ask in a Facebook group what a celebrant is (or even ‘what’s the point of a celebrant?’) as somebody put it recently, and you will very quickly get to know a lot of celebrants.

Wedding fairs are also a thing, and the more independent and alternative the wedding fair, the more celebrants you will be able to experience and get to know. I’ll be at the Big South West Wedding Fair 2024 in late April, which is really good.

Hope this has been helpful – drop me a line if you’d like to discuss your wedding, or anything else I’ve raised.

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